Choosing Strong Granite Slabs in Toronto

Choosing Strong Granite Slabs in Toronto

Marble and strong granite slabs in Toronto have become a staple in many upscale Toronto homes. These natural stone surfaces bring elegant beauty and long-lasting durability to any space. Often installed as countertops, flooring, walls or backsplashes, homeowners have been using natural stone fixtures to increase the aesthetic appeal and resale value of their homes. However, more and more homeowners are installing granite slabs in their home for their superior durability and resistance to heat, stains and physical damage. One of the main drawbacks of marble is that it can be very difficult to maintain, as it is susceptible to stains, scratching and damage due to heat. Acidic foods, liquids and cleaning solutions also pose a problem for marble users. If you cannot deal with the added character of a few scratches, marble may not be the most suitable surface for your frequently used kitchen. Granite, on the other hand, is a very reliable and utilitarian option for any kitchen for those who do not want to sacrifice beauty for functionality.


Granite countertops are much more resistant against heat, stains and etching than are marble surfaces. While owners of granite may be able to get away with things like putting hot pots and pans directly on the countertop or cutting directly on the surface, homeowners are still encouraged to use household items such as coasters, cutting boards and heat pads to preserve the beauty of their countertops. Strong granite slabs in Toronto have become popular for use in the kitchen for its utility and durability as a food preparation surface.

Impervious to Bacteria

A well-sealed granite countertop is nearly impervious to bacteria, making it a perfect surface to prepare food on. This also makes your countertop easier to clean and maintain than marble. Hot water and mild dish soap should be able to do the trick as far as daily sanitation is concerned.  Be sure to blot up spills immediately to ensure that they do not spread. There is no need for any fancy cleaners or homemade cleaning solutions. Harsh cleaners can actually break down the sealant quickly, forcing homeowners to have to reseal their countertops more often than the norm.

Adds Value

Installing granite surfaces into your home adds to the resale value of your home. Adding natural stone to your home is an investment, one that can pay dividends when it’s time to sell. Whether planning on selling or staying in your home for a long time, granite adds to the aesthetic appeal, functionality and longevity of any space.
Granite slabs have been a fundamental component of many upscale Toronto homes. Today, marble and granite surfaces have become a staple in modern homes across the GTA, redefining the standards of home beauty and durability. Natural stone surfaces offer uniqueness unlike any other option. No two natural stone slabs are the same. In fact, portions of the same strong granite slabs in Toronto can vary in terms of their colour, pattern and shade, making your natural stone surface truly one-of-a-kind.